Welcome to the St. Helena Seventh-day Adventist Church in Saint Helena, CA. We are a Christian community and would love to have you join our family. To learn more about what we believe you can visit our About Us page. Please join us for Bible study, worship, and prayer.

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VIRTUAL TEACHERS needed for Ukrainian children through May 25.

Sabbath,  May 21 Worship

11:00 AM in-person and Live Streamed on Facebook

Sermon by Pastor Robert Kurtz


THE ST. HELENA SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH will meet  for Sabbath Schools and Church in person and via LIVE STREAM at 9:30 a.m and  11:00 a.m.  Please watch for a link to the Sabbath message on Facebook.  

Weekly Schedule of Gatherings can be Found Here

St. Helena Seventh-day Adventist Church worship services are currently being held in person as well as online.  Please consider joining us via LIVESTREAM each Sabbath at 11:00 a.m.  We still relish your fellowship! Our staff and pastors remain committed to serving you remotely. If you need to contact someone on the team, please visit our contact page


Join us in person or on Facebook Livestream beginning at 11:00 a.m.

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Come Worship With Us.

We invite you to join us as we worship the Eternal Father, the Majesty of Heaven, Who through His Son is Creator and Sustainer of a vast universe yet by His Spirit is closer than breathing; nearer than hands and feet. He it is Who has come to us in the sacred writings of holy men and women throughout the ages, in His Son Who walked among us, and in these latter days through a called people under the influence of ongoing prophetic inspiration.

The Son lived and died to reveal the Father's unconditional love and to enable mankind to experience ransom from guilt and power for victorious living. He conquered death and then ascended to the courts of Heaven where He continues to represent in judgment those who respond to His love and follow Him wherever He leads. He promised, further, to return to this world in these last days to gather His faithful followers from among the living, and from among the dead by resurrection, and to take them to dwell forevermore in a heavenly home He has prepared for them.

To love and to worship so exalted a Savior is to be obedient in all things to His divine will and to live simply and in moral purity. It is to be sensitive to the needs of one's neighbor, to protect and preserve the creation - the natural environment as well as one's own physical body -and to remember the Sabbath day according to the commandment.

penned by Dr. Jack Provonsha, 1996