Living Lean. Lean home. Lean body. Less clutter. Less discouragement. 

Tuesdays from 6pm–7pm. Becoming physically lean (support for improving body composition) & living lean (help for decluttering & simplifying our lives). Two challenging birds with one stone.

Reach out & bring a friend to St. Helena’s ongoing (each Tuesday) supportive, educational, motivational evenings focusing on weight management, body composition, fitness, nutrition, food-connected emotions and behaviors, decluttering, simplifying our environments, our relationships with our possessions, hoarding, and many related topics.

We intend to offer long-term assistance if you would like to discover and establish an enhanced, less burdened wellness lifestyle, whatever your current fitness level, whatever your current relationship with your possessions. 

Location: St. Helena’s Seventh-day Adventist Church Fireside Room, 1777 Main St., St. Helena, CA 94574.

Cost: This program is a gift to you from St. Helena’s Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Dr. Robert Walden Kurtz, M.Div., Ph.D. (Psychology) facilitates & presents, and we will welcome various experts as guest facilitators and presenters as needed. If you would like to assist in presenting and/or coordinating, please join us and let us know. Ideally, much of the value of this experience results from participants supporting and encouraging one another.
It is not to necessary to attend every session, and you can start anytime. We invite you to be with us whenever you can, and to investigate and evaluate our approaches to consider very carefully whether this would be a good fit for you. We’ll do our best to help you make lots of things fit well!

Although we are delighted to do our best to assist with weight-loss if appropriate and desired, this experience is not exclusively a weight-loss program. There will be no body shaming, no guilt, no moralizing, no preaching, no judgment. If you would benefit from gaining weight or would like to maintain your weight while increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat, then we are just as eager to assist you. If you are already extremely fit and would like to learn more about how to take your fitness to the next level, you are welcome. 

Whether you are a serious hoarder, someone who just wants to reduce clutter & simplify your lifestyle, or a hardcore minimalist, we are delighted to do our best to support you in clarifying and implementing your goals for your environment and your overall relationship with stuff.

If your friend or loved one struggles with body composition or clutter and you want to better understand and enhance your ability to help, we welcome you, too.

Why would we offer support for both body composition and reducing clutter? Both life areas involve our relationship with acquiring and managing important life resources––our food and our possessions. It is common to experience challenges in adapting to abundance in both areas, and, for many people, these experiences can be importantly related.

These evenings are open to everyone in our community, and are definitely not only for religious people or those identifying with any faith tradition. This is not a religious program, but we will regularly consider spiritual dimensions of the topics we address along with physiological and psychological aspects. We will always endeavor to faithfully incorporate up-to-date scientific research.

You live in a community with a wonderful environment, and you have a fancy body. Can we help you enjoy both your body, your surroundings, and your life more than ever?