Here's to Your Health

We take seriously God's instructions to care for ourselves and each other in body, mind and spirit!  For this reason, many in the Seventh-day Adventist Church endeavor to adhere to a life free of substances which are known to cause harm to the body or mind. 

Keeping your Brain, Body and Weight in the Game!

Mental Health and Nutrition

A study conducted between 2005-2015 was published Feb. 16, 2019 in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, revealed that California adults who consumed more unhealthy food were also more likely to report symptoms of either moderate or severe psychological distress than their peers who consume a healthier diet.  See the summary here.

Health in the News
Many studies and several documentaries have been made on people who live to be over 100 years old.  The October 2009 issue of US News and World Report offered "Ten Health Habits that Will Help You Live to 100." (updated 2012)  National Geographic filmed a huge piece which was released in November 2005 on living to be 100, with startling results.   Many members of the St. Helena Seventh-day Adventist Church are participants in an enormous study entitled the Adventist Health Study 2 funded by the NIH on disease and longevity.  This study is attempting to determine why Adventists live longer and contract certain diseases less often than the normal population.

Taking POWER NAPS about eight hours after waking up in the morning may help improve brain function.  Don't take them too long, however! Recommended time: 10-20 minutes. Check out this article.

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Health at St. Helena Adventist Church
The St. Helena Church frequently provides literature and classes on healthy living, either free or for the cost of materials alone.

What Others Say About Adventist Lifestyle 
Adventist Longevity

Never expect to just survive; God wants you to THRIVE!!
CME  Are you a Health Professional? Some of our courses offer continuing education units for nurses and registered dieticians. 

If you are interested in free CME units (physicians included!), visit PCRM's nutrition site which includes courses with recent studies including vegan diets for diabetes. You do not have to be a health professional to go through these courses. 


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Great Resources for Your Health:

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Sources of vegan and vegetarian protein

A Philosophy of Health presentation by Donna Voth

Vibrant Life Magazine has health tips, recipes, medicinal herb lists, and ways to green up our earth!

Dr. Neil Nedley emphasizes lifestyle as a means to optimum happiness; included in his website is a classical music selection, ready to listen to on your computer.  Dr. Nedley promotes listening to classical music a minimum of two hours weekly to influence positive thinking.  In 2009 he accepted the position of President of Weimar Institute, famous for its inhouse lifestyle program, NEWSTART which is located in the foothills of California's side of the Sierras on Interstate 80. Additionally he personally participates in an in-house program he developed, Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program.  

Lani Muelrath on McDougall's Maximum Weightloss plan  John McDougall has developed guidelines on weightloss for people on a vegan diet.  To paraphrase his "wiggle room" it is this:

  • • 1/2 plate starchy veggies
  • • 1/2 plate high water content veggies.
  • To slow down weight loss, make it 2/3 to 1/3

To speed up, make it 2/3 high-water content veggies to 1/3 starchy. More wiggle than this can result in too much hunger, which is counter productive.