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Vegetarian Potluck and Fellowship Dinner


Vegetarian Food
Vegetarian Food

We have delicious vegetarian meals at least monthly in the Fireside Room or other announced places. Feel free to join us on the first and third Sabbaths of each month for this special time of fellowship.  On other Sabbaths, many families dine at the Church's Fireside Room or in a more private setting and would be delighted to have you join.  Please let the greeters at the door know if you need a place to eat the Sabbaths you visit.

The members of the the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church are serious about good health!  Most try to adhere to laws of temperance in both diet and exercise, with a large percentage of them remaining abstinent from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, harmful drugs, and other substances known to harm or dull the body and its senses.  In addition, many are vegetarians in their diet, therefore at our church potlucks we choose to serve a lacto-ovo vegetarian cuisine.  We love to educate others about the wonderful messages of health, gleaned from the ancient Word of God, and through over a century of research and experimentation using these principles.

Join the entire church family any first and third Sabbath of the month for a time of fellowship and food!  Again, if you are visiting on a Sabbath when there is not a potluck or guest dinner provided, let the greeters at the door know that you would like an invitation for the noon meal, and you'll be welcomed at a more private luncheon ~ and you don't have to bring "a dish!"